attractions in and close to

Merna Mora

Merna Mora and the surrounding area is steeped in history and has many artifacts and evidence of the early days of settlement. Many of these attractions are restricted to conducted or tag along tours and are not located on public access roads.

The Mawson Bike trail traverses the Moralana Scenic Drive. Merna Mora is a convenient stopover on the two day ride from Hawker to Rawnsley and Wilpena.

Western Wilpena Pound

The views of the Western Wilpena Pound are breathtaking and ever changing. This is also evident from the amount of still and motion advertising it

Jarvis Hill Lookout

Jarvis Hill Lookout is about 7 km West of Hawker and is a popular attraction for visitors who drive up there to view the Hawker

Blacks Gap

This area forms part of the Heysen Trail. Bushwalkers can walk from here through Bridle Gap into Wilpena Pound (6 – 7 hour hike).


There are many exposed beds showing various fossils  from the Archeoscyathas to various forms of marine life and signs of a much more fertile landscape

Old stone kilns

These kilns were built to help with the construction of the original Ghan Railway line. Limestone bearing deposits were burnt in these kilns to produce

Wilpena Panorama

Jeff Morgan is a unique artist that can paint spectacular 3D effective paintings.  He has a worldwide reputation people come from afar to see his

Fred Teague’s Museum

Situated at Hawker Motors is a museum, which Fred Teague built up over the years with relics from early settlers. There is a fine display

Moralana Scenic Drive

this scenic drive is a beautiful stretch of 28km dirt road, between the Outback highway on the Western side and Wilpena Pound road on the

Bridle Gap

Bridle Gap pass located just 15km from Merna Mora forms part of the Heysen Trail and links the Moralana Gorge with Wilpena Pound.

Original Ghan Train Line

There are remnants of the Ghan Train Line at a lot of different spots as the Line traversed right the way through Merna Mora. The